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I-FAQ's (In-Frequently Asked Questions)

As mom to many, I must face an invariable list of questions every day. Several times a day. Some examples include:

Mom, can I have candy?
Mom, can I watch a show?
Mom, can I have a snack?
Mom, how many more minutes until lunch?
Mom, what are you making for lunch?
Mom, is this lunch or dinner?
Mom, can I have a snack?
Mom, how many more minutes until dinner?
Mom, what are you making for dinner?
Honey, how many more minutes until dinner?
Honey, what are you making for dinner?
Mom, can I have a snack?

Sigh. There does seem to be some paranoia in my home about food.

People! I feed you. Several times a day. I never forget. Don't worry!

Anyway, this week, I decided not to focus on the countless questions that may very well do me in, and instead highlight the more unusual questions that came my way, some of which hurt my brain.

Here's a sampling:

Rob: Are you wearing a girdle? (His way of telling me I looked svelt, I guess.)

Seth: Does God have a belly button?

Lily, to me as Rob was leaving in his dre…

A Peek Into Our Week of VBS

We just finished up Vacation Bible School at the base chapel. We had a great time and I know the kids' faith was renewed and built up. As well as my own. A friend of mine put together a slide show for which her two awesome boys took all the pictures. You can catch glimpses of all of us doing our VBS thing.

Seth is wearing a ball cap in most of his pictures and may be harder to spot, especially if you're looking for his tuft of orange hair.

Click here for VBS slide show

I hope this works...

My World Is a Backstage

One day of work for my husband...four costume changes.

He had to rush from one costume to the next before the scene changes.

I felt such a rush of adrenaline when he raced out the door, onto the stage. We made it just in time. And he didn't miss any lines.

My work as a stage hand was done. For the day.

Now I have to go pick up his next costume from the Tailor Shoppe for tonight's show.

*I only have pictures of three of his costumes. The first one was his PT gear, and, well, no one wants post-workout pictures posted on the internet. And the first costume, his khakis, he actually had to wear that two different ways with two different hats and two different pairs of shoes. Seriously.


I'm sorry, lonely and neglected blog. You wait so patiently for me to come to you when I finish with Facebook. Always hopeful. You understand that it takes more effort to write a full thought than to come up with a shorty, like "is weekending." You are painfully aware of your lack of immediate feedback and community when competing with such a vast networking site. You know that I have over 200 friends there, and here...maybe four. Yet here you sit with a sigh, hoping that I'll get bored and return to you. Such a faithful little blog you are.

I still like you.