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Grateful...and a Baby Squirrel

I've been so overwhelmed and humbled by the love that our sweet, little XY has been shown over the past few weeks. Her story is one of love from the very beginning. From, "God loved her and sent His Son" (1 John 4:10) to her birth family loving her for eight months before making the hardest decision they would ever have to make and laying her down on the steps of the hospital and walking away so that she could get care for her rare condition (a decision I'm convinced was borne out of a desperate kind of love most of us will never, ever understand); from my eyes clamping on a photograph of hers and a fierce, protective mother-love, the kind I immediately recognized as it mirrors what I have for the children who already call me momma, rising up in my soul, to friends, family and strangers recognizing the miracle of her, and the wonder and necessity of her being adopted into a forever family and making a sacrifice so that could happen. All of it, love.

My heart swells w…