My World Is a Backstage

One day of work for my husband...four costume changes.

He had to rush from one costume to the next before the scene changes.

I felt such a rush of adrenaline when he raced out the door, onto the stage. We made it just in time. And he didn't miss any lines.

My work as a stage hand was done. For the day.

Now I have to go pick up his next costume from the Tailor Shoppe for tonight's show.

*I only have pictures of three of his costumes. The first one was his PT gear, and, well, no one wants post-workout pictures posted on the internet. And the first costume, his khakis, he actually had to wear that two different ways with two different hats and two different pairs of shoes. Seriously.


jeny said…
Oooh, I LOVE the Navy!
never thought of the stage manager though.

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