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Christmas Newsletter Gone Digital

I think this year gets the award for “Fastest Flier.” Can you believe that it's already Christmas? I feel like it was just last month that I was churning out our 2009 Christmas newsletter, and here I am, at eleven o'clock in the pm, reflecting over the past year and praying over what to share with you for 2010.We anticipate this being our last Christmas in Corpus Christi, as we expect to be moving to a new duty station next summer. We have been told that we will be moving to Jacksonville, North Carolina some time late next summer or early autumn, but as anyone in the military will tell you, until Rob's orders are in hand, there's just no guarantee when or even where we will rotate.So we do what we have learned to do: enjoy where we're at while we're here. Bloom where we've been planted.We have loved our two years in Corpus Christi, TX, and although we look forward to the new adventures that await us, we will all be a little sad to leave our home on the Tex…

The Evolution of a Camo-Cast

I couldn't talk my all-boy boy into a Christmasy candy-cane cast.
The camo makes him smile. Which makes me smile.
And now his arm comes with a bludgeon.