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To 100 Percent

The doctors found cancer in my mom. Endometrial or uterine cancer to be specific.

It stinks, bites, sucks, rots. All that.

Chasing fear away is hard work. It lingers like a sulfur-belching dragon just outside the window. The moment I think it's safe to breathe, its shadow slithers by, and I'm left clutching promises that I hope are meant for me and for her.

We have every hope that a surgery to remove the offending part will send her on the path to full health. She is meeting with the oncologist next Tuesday to discuss options and to schedule her big surgery.

It's been a month of doctor appointments and phone calls, including a diagnostic surgery, all taking place up north where she can be close to my sister and brothers and their families and have support and care, as my dad's job takes him away for days at a time. Also northern IN has far greater cancer care facilities and specialists available to her. So she has been separated from Dad, which makes the endurance and …