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Big Plans

You may never know how a simple word of encouragement can blossom in a child's heart.

Lily proudly proclaimed to Rob today: I'm going to be a doctor when I grow up, because Mom says I have steady hands.

May I never let an encouraging or hopeful thought go unsaid.

Dream away, baby girl. I got your back.

Catching Up...With Pictures

I'm behind. Again. We've been sick with bronchitis, pneumonia, allergies, sinusitis.


My wild scientists at Wild Science Week at the Corpus Christi Science and History Museum.

Caleb excavating a "dinosaur."

Archaeologists use dental tools for precision. We started out that way, but after an hour of scraping away plaster of paris with a tooth pick, we asked for a hammer.

My kids, along with two of my fellow homeschooling moms' kids, enjoyed an impromptu rock lesson.

Caleb was chosen to participate in the Museum's annual Wild Science Week Turtle Race. He held a mealworm in front of the turtle, named Henry, and urged him to victory.

We were all thrilled when Henry won, especially Henry who happily devoured his breakfast, which he worked hard for.

A friend invited us to her condo complex which has a pool in the back yard. The first of many spring/summer swims.

We were all at the doctor's office 4 times in 10 days. We tried to keep our good humor, especially …