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That Time We Went Camping

We just got back from a week in Appomattox County. We, uh, camped. It actually felt like camping for the first time since we starting . . . camping. Maybe because there was no wifi. Roughing. It.

I'm not sure how long into this adventure I will feel like I have another answer to the casual questions from friends and family, like, "So, what did you do last week?" Went camping.

Maybe I can change it up to, "Oh, we pulled out the kids beds, then put them back again in the morning. I squeezed four and a half days worth of food into a small refrigerator and planned a week's worth of crockpot meals. Oh, yeah, I also noticed on Thursday that the black tank was on F, so I emptied it and sprayed it out. We're good now."

I'm selling this like a boss.

I'm mostly being sarcastic, because I really like this living, this season of togetherness. I don't like the days when it's time to pack up and hook up. I don't like the stress of driving down th…

Lazy Summer Days

Oh, it was a hot one yesterday with the mercury climbing up to 98 degrees. If anyone actually still has a mercury thermometer, that's what it would have climbed up to. The next few days here are slated to be in the upper 90's again. Mercy.

That kind of heat is like a snow day for us. We just don't want to go anywhere, and Rosy is pretty much stuck underneath an a/c vent. I mean, we are able to bounce from one indoor spot to another, and there is no shoveling of driveways and sidewalks, be we are still a little more stuck than normal.

Friday evening it cooled a bit, and we ran down to the beach for an hour or so, then swung by DQ for stunningly over-priced ice cream, so I hope all that good fun stretched over into yesterday when we did nothing. I mean, we put the no in nothing. No. Thing.  I didn't even change out of pajammies until it was time to make lunch, which was whatever leftovers could be gathered onto a [paper] plate. The kids played on all the electronic devic…