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We've officially been living in our RV for over a month.  I have to say that we are all loving it. I feel happier here than I did the entire time we lived in our rental for a year. I don't miss all our stuff, and I truly love being with all these people.

I wanted to share a few tidbits that we have learned so far along the way.

::Always keep a can of air freshener in the little bathroom that sits right next to the dinette where you eat food. Always.

::If you want to warm up your coffee in the microwave and the air conditioner is running, turn off the hot water heater so that you don't pop the circuit. Again.

::Don't forget to turn the hot water heater back on.

::Take the batteries out of the smoke detector if you are going to fry anything. Just do it, and don't be a worry-wart, but don't forget to put them back in right when you're done.

::Your slow-cooker is your bff.

::Stop shopping and cooking like you have all the room in the world to store leftovers an…


Because Rob and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. And because everyone loves (and needs!) a good love story. I share this with you today to honor this man of great character and integrity that I am blessed to call my husband:

Our very first meeting. Bethel College cafeteria. I sat shyly across from an old friend of his from Ohio, Janet Seeker. She was a resident director in a dorm that I hadn't even been placed in, but she was trying her best to make all us wide-eyed freshmen feel at home and connected.

He came up to our table to say hi to her. I looked up to find a  pair of warm, intelligent brown eyes, a mischievous grin, and a friendly nose marked by a huge, angry red gash right between his eyes. "Hi" to Janet. "Hi" to me. 
"What happened to you, Rob?" Janet wasn't about to let something like a head wound slide. 
"An iron fell out of my closet." 
I didn't laugh, but I may have smiled really big. And I would never for…