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Everywhere I Go, There I Am and There He Is

"So where are you now?"

I have been asked this question so many times, not just by acquaintances, but close friends and family, because that's how crazy mobile our family has been over the past year.

Where am I now.

I'm trying to figure that out, friends.

This is our fourth PCS--Permanent Change of Duty Station, but permanent does not mean the same thing in the Navy as it does in rest of the free world.

So since I'm such a seasoned Navy wife, old pro, been-there-done-that type of gal, this should be easy. Cake and pie.

I think it's been the hardest one yet. (Including the last PCS, which included a horse that refused to load in 5 degree weather, setting us behind our travel schedule a day, which started a chain of events, including no heat or hot water in our new house for several days and holing up in a hotel in an ice storm. And then the Navy decided to ship my handsome Sailor off to the carrier for a month THE SAME DAY HE CHECKED IN, which we were not expe…