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He Goes Before Us

I can't get over the miracles that God has done to get us to this point. And she's not even here yet. Just imagine what He's going to do once His beloved child, His baby girl, is in the arms of the second momma He chose for her and no longer tucking herself into her own lonely bed at night. (I know deep, deep inside that we are not Plan A for this child. My God, however, makes beauty from ashes. The intense complexities of adoption, that is another post for another day. Another series of posts.)

If I ever, ever doubt God's timing, please remind me to think back to this time, this day.

What was impossible, is happening. Shortly after we began this process to bring home Rosy home, we found out that Rob would be deploying this summer. We scrambled to make the adoption happen quickly so that he would get a least a couple of months with his new daughter, but when we encountered few hiccups in paper process, it became less and less likely that he would even get to meet her b…