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Returning...and a HUGE announcement!

I sure am struggling trying to come up with a good way to re-start this creaky blog. It's like trying to make a phone call you promised to make weeks ago and you really have no good excuse why you didn't just pick up the dang phone and call.

I have not good excuses. So I took a big blog break.

And now I'm back. 
That is all.
Shew. There!
But, boy do I have a good reason for wanting to start writing again! Good news is no fun if you have to keep it to yourself, especially if that good news is also the start of a life-changing adventure.
God sure is full of surprises!
Sometimes, God's surprises are the best. (Sometimes they take us through the hardest thing we can possibly imagine, but that's another post.) But this is a good one. A very good one.
We are the adoption sort of way!!!
Introducing the newest apple of our eyes:

China is kind of picky about pictures of their kids floating around the web, so until the adoption is closer to being finalized,  l…