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Green Challenge!

So the kids were busy on their own with school assignments.

So then I had a few free moments. A rarity. And I wanted to play with my camera. And then I remembered a couple of years ago when my best friend Jeny offered a color challenge on her blog, and I thought that I would steal borrow her great idea here on LampPost.

Won't you accept my color challenge? This week's color: GREEN. The rules? Just these: go around your house and capture a few photos of some of your favorite things that match the color of the week. Post them, along with any accompanying stories on your own blog or Facebook or Flickr account or wherever. Then come back here and leave a comment with a link to share with us.

My plan is to have a new color challenge every Friday, until I run out of colors...or come up with a new game!

Go green!

Writer's Angst

Ever feel like you just can't get the words out?

No matter how much they are burning in your soul begging to be strung together into something meaningful, even if it's only for you?

Yeah, Seth and I are there. 

Some Camera Play


What? It's March? You're Kidding Me.

February has so few days--a whole two or three fewer!--so maybe that's why that mini-month slipped away so quickly. All I know is my head's dizzy from the speed at which the earth is spinning. Our last spring in Texas is here upon us now, and I'm trying hard to savor every mild breeze soaked in delicious sunshine before hot, hot summer sears its mark, "S" for sizzling, on our backs and foreheads.

So before one more month whizzes past me, I'm unloading on y'all. Here's what you missed:
*We started and finished a season of Upward basketball with Caleb and Gabe. (A quick aside: I can't say enough good things about the Upward program. Our beginner athletes had a great season pushing themselves to do their best, learning basketball fundamentals, and placing God at the center of it all. I'm already looking forward to next year's season.) We're so proud of our boys.
*We celebrated Lily's 5th year being a Fasnacht. What a privilege it is bein…