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Receive the Gift

Two days before Christmas. (Or as one of the kids joked: today is Christmas Adam, because Adam came before Eve. <Insert rim shot>) The kids are hyped. The parents are excited and already a little tired. Four Christmases worth of gifts are thoughtfully chosen, wrapped, and packed into every available space in the Suburban, along with food to share, extra bedding, wintery clothes, the extra table, Gabe's guitar, the Kitchenaid mixer. Also, the computer for photo editing. And the camping chairs, because seating is going to be an issue. Big family probs. My husband had the pleasure of playing Tetris in the back of the truck, but he got it all to fit, not without bewilderment at the sheer volume of items I wanted to take. "I just want to make good memories for the kids!" I told him when he questioned why on earth I was packing the icicle lights and spinning my wheels to do a thousand other things in my attempt to make this season memorable, hoping that my service will b…