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Mobile School

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is being in control our family's pace and schedule. School does not come before family; it's just part of our family life with very few lines of demarcation. When we found out that we had six days to move, we closed up our books and took an unplanned spring break that lasted for two weeks. Hello, spring. I see you, daffodils, as I carry this 300th box of books to the moving truck.Spring cleaning? Why, yes, I think we will, because we want our deposit on our rental back.

We just cracked those books back open today. It felt like the first normal thing we've done for days and days, and I was grateful. I would venture to say more grateful about it than my little students. We will be figuring out this RV schooling gig together.

So when Rob and I looked at travel trailers for hours and hours--how did people do this before the invention of the internet?--we knew that we would need something that would do more than just provide eno…

Shifting Sands

You know those movie scenes where the camera is focused on a dazed and often wide-eyed character while the world zooms past in an unrecognizable blur? Or just imagine standing on the beach in springtime while chilly waves furl and curl and drag the sand right out from under your feet. That is a completely accurate description of my life this last month. I'm almost dizzy, close to fragile, barely comprehending the blur on either side of my head, toes gripping like mad to maintain balance.

Sing with me, "On Christ the solid rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand; all other ground is sinking sand." Yes.

Second week of March: the kids and I travel to Indiana to be with my mom as she goes through surgery for cancer. Though the week was emotionally and physically exhausting, God worked out great things in her life. The tumor was contained, removed, declared stage one, no further treatment needed. Our family feels like we can exhale for the first time since her diagnosis…