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Soccer Season

We're blessed that the base offers a decent soccer program for kids ages, 4-9. That left Caleb as too much of an old-timer to play, but Gabe, Lily and Seth are playing, Lily and Seth for the first time. There's something about little kids in baggy soccer shorts, long socks to the knees, and cleats that radiates cuteness.

Since there are a few too many miles between most of your houses and mine, and you probably won't make it to any of the kids' games, here are some video snipits so that you can cheer from the other side of the computer screen. These first four show Gabe in action...or inaction. Whichever. :o) He's on the gray team, "The Sharks," number six.

*I apologize for the poor quality video.

And on the Navy blue team, ironically also, "The Sharks," we have Seth, number one, and Lily, number ten.

Today, Lily ran down the field, dodged many obstacles, and scored a goal! The funny thing is, it was such a little deal to her that she didn't ev…

Five years ago...

*God surprised me with a brand new, red-headed, warrior-spirited, gentle-hearted son.

*God blessed me with wonderful home birth. It was a beautiful autumn day, and I was surrounded by my favorite people in my home. It was perfect.

*I became a mom of three sons! Three!!! I felt like I'd just won the jackpot on a slot machine! Three sons in a row!

Today, he left babyhood behind forever. Five.

Here are some pictures of his journey so far:

Labor day. I got to meet Seth face to face about two hours after this pictures was taken.

First snuggles with daddy.

Here I'm getting my first real good look at him. I'm in love.

Caleb and Gabe meet their new brother just moments after he was born.

Three days old.

A week old. This is my view of him in my sling, where he spent about the entire first year of his life!

My little pumpkin.

One month old. I caught a cute little sleepy smile.

Two months old. A gift from above.

First Christmas with three boys!

One year old today!


Almost three.

I'm four year…