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Two moves. One older-child adoption. One deployment. One year homeschooling five children.

Maybe I really did fall off the earth. I'm trying desperately to claw my way back on.

I want to be back here. I think I'm ready.

The last time I left you, we were just a couple of weeks from traveling to bring home Rosy. Some of you are connected with me either in real life or social media, so you weren't exactly left hanging, but for any new readers, she is home. On June 17th, we just celebrated our One Year Gotcha Day anniversary.

God was so tender and merciful to us throughout the adjustment of a new family dynamic, which included Rob deploying less than 48 hours after our plane landed in our journey home from China. We were able to video chat with him almost every morning, and he was a daily part of Rosy's life, even though he was thousands of miles away for a very long time. And then shortly after he returned, we moved to a new home in a new state, and all the kids have done…