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Lieutenant Fasnacht

It's official!

THE letter:

Taking the oath of office:

The children behaving so well and witnessing their dad step into a new role as an officer in the United States Navy:

Anchors aweigh! Open sea ahead!

Next dock: Rob will be leaving in September for Officer Development School and then Chaplaincy Training. That's only two months away!

A Seth story for ya'll: the final paperwork and swearing-in took about 45 minutes, and the above picture of the children behaving like angels lasted all of 10 minutes (which is still pretty good), but it didn't take long for Seth to turn his engines to full throttle. As we were leaving, I sighed with relief that the recruiter's office was still intact. I said good-bye and thank-you and turned my attention back to my children, who suddenly numbered only three. Then Lily piped up, "Mommy, Sethie has a revolver." (I didn't even know she knew that word.) And sure enough Seth had slipped into a neighboring office and was playing w…

Last Hurdle

Yikes! Have I really let two weeks go silently by since I last posted here? Oh. Sorry!

This is a BIG week for our family. Right now, as I type, Rob is in Washington DC, either waiting for his turn to interview with the Navy Chaplain board or actually in the middle of the interview. My heart just quivered nervously as I typed that. It's the last hurdle left in Rob's Navy trail. He left Monday morning at about 2:45...yes, that's anti catch his six o'clock flight to our nation's capitol. (Oops, I almost spelled that capital.) My devotions this morning were from Acts 11. The title of the selection in my book 5-Minute New Testament is "June 17/Day 168, Acts 11:1-30 When God acts, He breaks down the boundaries and overcomes the objections." That is exactly what I've been praying for from the moment Rob pulled out of the driveway in the dark of early morning. Today's Word confirmed that I am praying in the right direction and encouraged me t…