That Time We Went Camping

We just got back from a week in Appomattox County. We, uh, camped. It actually felt like camping for the first time since we starting . . . camping. Maybe because there was no wifi. Roughing. It.

I'm not sure how long into this adventure I will feel like I have another answer to the casual questions from friends and family, like, "So, what did you do last week?" Went camping.

Maybe I can change it up to, "Oh, we pulled out the kids beds, then put them back again in the morning. I squeezed four and a half days worth of food into a small refrigerator and planned a week's worth of crockpot meals. Oh, yeah, I also noticed on Thursday that the black tank was on F, so I emptied it and sprayed it out. We're good now."

I'm selling this like a boss.

I'm mostly being sarcastic, because I really like this living, this season of togetherness. I don't like the days when it's time to pack up and hook up. I don't like the stress of driving down the road, knowing that if we miss our turn, a u-turn is impossible, and then parking at a new RV park that seems like it may barely fit our rig. I don't like only one working washing machine in the park bath house. I don't like tornado warnings. But there is a lot I do like.

I love that when Rob had a week of classes at Liberty University, we just rolled on out with him to a nearby campground and made a week's vacation of it for the rest of us. We stayed by a lake and spent many a moment like this:

Sometimes they were right side up.

We also visited the Appomattox Court House National Park, where 150 years ago, Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant, the beginning of the end of the Civil War. We loved our time there! We learned more about the Civil War in three hours--the 95 degree temps shortened our visit some--than a week's worth of book learning.

Rosy is not subtle in her disdain for the sitting and the listening.

But she loves the seeing and the doing and the touching. Here we are inside the very room where the tides turned for our country towards No Secession and No Slavery.

On the doorstep of the McLean house, in whose foyer Lee and Grant met to sign the terms of Lee's surrender, April 9, 1865. 150 years isn't that long ago. No wonder our country's wounds are still healing.

Because I heart barns. I especially heart old, lovingly restored barns.

The courthouse was remodeled as a spectacular museum, filled with wonderfully displayed Civil War artifacts. 

I took full advantage of the spirit of peaceful surrender and renewed unity. Mark this day, you two.

Oh, and we also went tubing. Which is what you do when you want to play in the snow and it's in the middle of a heat wave in June. Competitive skiers and snowboarders come to Liberty's Snowflex to train off-season. We just did the tubing this time, but maybe next time, we'll take some skiing or snowboarding lessons. The ski mountain is made of carpet and water spritzers. Crazy.

Look, Ma! No snow pants!

Their post-run grins made my heart so happy. I love collecting smiles.

Rosy wins first prize for pushing through the uncomfortable heat to have fun and look adorable.

Gabe gets the award for looking the fiercest trying to pick up speed.

Seth was champion of "Making the Most Noise Laughing and Whooping Down Each slide." He also received an honorable mention for running back up the mountainside as fast as he could to get in as many tube rides as possible in the hour we were allotted.

In all, we had a great week. (Rob might disagree, since he spent most of his week sitting in a class. Someone has to be the grown-up.)

Camping for the win!


You guys!!!!
Your kids are growing so much. Loved reading this post!
Except for the "black tank" part.
(Don't you know I'm scared of camper toilets???)
jodyfoznot said…
Ha, FPFG! I have overcome my black-tank balking, especially when all I have to do is push a button, pull a handle, then cover my ears so I don't hear the contents rushing down the exit hose. If you came to visit, you could always use the bath house power room. I'd watch the kids for you while you excused yourself.

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