Poppy's Hands

I've always been fascinated by my dad's hands. Rough and gentle. Busy and still. I used to think his hands were almost as big as God's. I felt safer than safe holding his hand.

And now, 17 precious grandchildren can feel the safety and love in Poppy's hands.

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge – iheartfaces.com


jenjabbour said…
this is such a sweet capture! i love how her tiny hand is holding onto his thumb!
Becca said…
Oh wow...GREAT picture!
MG Atwood said…
lovely! that small small hand...
alphabet momma said…
How perfectly precious!! I, too, felt safe in Dad's hands.
Beautiful picture!
We should feel even safer in our heavenly Daddy's hands.
Good luck in the contest!
Lisa W said…
I truly loved this post! My grandfather lost 2 fingers in a combine on the farm. I was too young to remember him losing them. I was too young to see it as a loss I suppose. I remember holding that hand and never seeing it as a disability, it was just always grandpa Phipps, perfect big hand.


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