Another Field Trip Friday

This time we visitied the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.

Loved it!

We met our new friends, who also homeschool, for an afternoon surrounded by God's beautiful handiwork, carefully cultivated into a delightful discovery of gardens and trails and observatories and habitats.

First things first: picnic lunch.

One of my favorite from the rose garden. Gorgeous! And so fragrant.

The kids brought their journals, and I encouraged them to sketch or write about their discoveries. They stopped often to observe and sketch.

The rose garden also inspired Gabe, and he took a moment to capture some of it's beauty.

All of the kiddos, forced into a group pose by two camera-toting moms. This stone seat was covered with a colorful tile mosaic.

Caleb and Seth peering over a two-story lookout tower. They were disappointed that Gator Lake had no 'gators. (And with the current Texas drought, not much lake either.)

It is always such a joy to watch my children learn and make new discoveries.

One of my favorite spots was the Arid Garden, a little corner with a wide variety of cacti and desert foiliage poking out of the hard soil. This garden felt like Texas!

God is so good to add such color and beauty to even the most desolate of places. We can't wait until springtime when blooms and blossoms will spring out from what we thought was dry and dead.

A desert congo line?

And this was my favorite picture of the day. Isn't she just lovely, my sweet Lily flower, bursting from among the rose bushes?


christina said…
Thesepictures are great! We enjoyed this field trip with your family. It was a blessed day !
jeny said…
My sweet sweet girl, I miss you! I am so enjoying keeping up with you and the kids through your posts. I can't believe it's another friday again already!
I'm having a hard time getting back to my blog. Hard time with lots of things actually. We are making some big changes this year, including moving. We are building a home in Osceola, streamlining and expediting the renovations on the old house so we can have it ready for a june/july lease to 3 ND girls. A job similar to the one Josh almost got in Grand Rapids has opened up in the CRC and he can stay in Mish. and he has applied for it. (Please pray!)
And, just about the time we should be moving into the new house, we'll be welcoming a new little Martin!
(We haven't made this announcement public yet, so when you respond, please don't post that part to my blog or FB :) You can email me!)
I think that catches you up. Sorry for the long post, I just realized I should have just emailed you.

love you!

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